March 26, 2021

Spleen Meridian

Spleen Meridian
/spliːn məˈrɪdiən/

Earth Mother

Center. Nourishing. Bonding. Fertility and Susceptibility.
Transformation and Manifestation



I Key Points

Spleen System, Spleen Channel, Tai Yin Spleen Channel of Foot (足太阴脾经) or Foot’s Major Yin Spleen Meridian, o. lienalis

Phase of Change
土 Earth

Yin oder Yang Quality
Greater Yin – Tai Yin – 太阴

Organ Partner
Stomach (Yang)


late summer


Energy Movement





Compassion, empathy and pensiveness

Spiritual Potential

Mindfulness, foundation, nourishing, service

I How to Support?

Imbalances of the Earth Element often lead to an overemphasis of the intellect, which then serves as the main source of cognitive security. Key problems in the Element Earth are among other things an imbalance between giving and taking, excessive brooding, thinking and worrying.

Touching, such as Massage/Body Therapy, is particularly good for the Spleen. But also other physical touches, like hugs of dear people or the loving work with the own body are particularly important, simply said the human closeness.

Mindfulness, discipline and especially regularity leads to a strengthening of the mind.


Therapeutic Methods
All holistic natural healing methods, such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, nutrition counseling or similar

Holistic Body Therapies
such as Shiatsu, Chakra Balance and others

Makko Ho Exercises

Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates

regular muscle training such as weight training, gymnastics, etc.

Every kind of movement that is fun, e. g. walks, dancing, etc.

Listening to music instead of reading books

also participate in retreats or at least one retreat for one hour a day

Conscious perception of nature (Mother Earth) strengthens the Spleen (walk barefoot in the morning dew, gardening, dig with your hands in the earth, just lay down in the grass and enjoy how you are carried by the earth)


I note

Only if a person values himself enough to take care of himself, then he is also able to care for others



Maybe you would like to book your treatment right away? I am looking forward to wonderful treatments!

May Your Energy Flow. Your Spirits Be High.

May you dwell in peace in the home
of your own being!

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