March 27, 2021




Meridians are an expression of our energy and their course is an expression of their function –
Shizuto Masunaga


Zen Shiatsu according to Shizuto Masunaga is based on meridians. His theoretical framework grew out of his interest in meridians and their significance for the specific effects of meridians on body, mind and emotions. Immediate Ki experience prompted Masunaga to expand the courses of the classical acupuncture meridians in the body.

Masunaga assumed that the meridian system accurately reflects our energy structure and is not a purely arbitrary, intellectual gimmick – so there had to be a relationship between the energetic function of the meridians and their course on the body

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Would you like to learn more? Under Where Flow Goes you will find links and descriptions of all 12 meridians

May Your Energy Flow. Your Spirits Be High.

May you dwell in peace in the home
of your own being!

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