March 26, 2021

Wood Exercise

Wood Exercise

I Liver and Gallbladder Meridian

The exercises for the liver and gallbladder are practiced in two positions. In both positions, the legs are stretched out to the sides as far as possible with the back side of your legs resting on the ground.

Your spine remains straightened. Your arms are stretched out in front of your body with your fingers linked and your palms facing forward. Then move your arms above your head. In the liver position, move your upper body forward and place your hands on your legs (Pic.25)



In this position, I recommend to release your legs first, feel the backside of your legs on the ground and include your feet in your focus. Most importantly, relax the joints of your feet in order not to interrupt the energy flow to your feet.

Practice the expansion of your breathing in this position as well. The relaxing of your legs creates an inner space in your hips and your groin and gives your upper body the opportunity to stretch from your belly.

Once I can visualize my breath flowing equally into my arms and legs, I release the position and sit up again slowly.


For the Gallbladder position, your upper body is moved to the side (Pic.26)

The side of your upper body that is being stretched should be stretched long and the head should remain an extension of the spine; your bottom remains firmly on the ground



Similar to the liver position, your attention is focused into your legs, feet and on the expansion of your breathing as described above. Once your breathing flows naturally into your legs, you sit up again. Then complete the exercise to the other side.


And off we go to the final exercise Keep The Flow Going

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