March 26, 2021

Water Exercise

Water Exercise

I Kidney and Bladder Meridian

Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. While breathing in, stretch your arms upwards (Pic.16); the straightening should be from the hips. Lean forward while breathing out. Your elbows stretch outwards slightly. Your head remains aligned with your spine.



This exercise is usually practiced with your palms facing outwards (see also Masunaga’s Meridian stretching exercises)



Focus your attention on the back side of your thighs and the hollow of your knees while initially expanding your breathing. Visualizing the tension being released from your legs is also helpful in this position. Your focus should include the soles of your feet as well.

By releasing your legs, your hips will release as well and a space is opened in your chest area that gives the room to lean forward further. Now move your attention to your upper body. The slight stretch of your elbows opens the chest and facilitates the stretching of your belly. You can link your hands and grab your feet (Pic.18).

When you continue to expand your breathing as described, a connection can be experienced between the soles of your feet, the backside of your legs as well as your back, arms and hands. At this point, I conclude the exercise, slowly sit upright by moving one vertebra after the other and lastly lifting my head.


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