March 26, 2021

Metal Exercise

Metal Exercise

I Lung and Large Intestine Meridian

Keep your feet resting at shoulder length. Roll your shoulders backwards and downwards; link your thumbs behind your back while stretching out the remaining fingers (Pic.4).

Your thumbs are directed slightly outwards, your index fingers are stretching out from the shoulder. In this way, the Meridians of the arms are stretched.


While breathing out, lean forward and take the position of the Lung and Large intestine stretch (Pic.5) 

Keep your neck hanging in a relaxed way during this exercise!



In the position, apply the breathing technique recommended by Masunaga and experience the developing tension. Release your shoulders and elbows while still maintaining the slight outward direction of your linked thumbs thus opening your ribcage and the stretching of your index fingers which opens your shoulders.

Lead your attention to the soles of your feet. The expansion of your breath now includes your feet and releases their tension – this leads to a reduction of the tension in the entire shoulder area. Your legs and arms get more space to straighten and a space is created in your hips to face downwards further.

Continue calmly with the expansion of your breath and stretch into the open spaces that are created.

I remain in this position until I experience an inner connection between the soles of my feet and my index fingers. Then stand up straight again, unlock your thumbs, let your arms hang loosely and direct your gaze straight ahead.

After two or three breaths link your thumbs in the opposite way and repeat the exercise.

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