March 26, 2021

Fire II Exercise

Fire II Exercise

I Pericardium and Triple Heater Meridian

This position includes different variations – here I am showing half the Lotus position with one foot placed on the thigh of the opposite leg.

Cross your arms while the upper arm follows the upper leg. Your palms are placed above your knees, facing slightly outwards above the knees. While breathing out, lean forward and let your head hang loosely (Pic.21)



Start by expanding your breathing and focusing your attention on your upper back and the space between your shoulder blades while releasing your shoulders. You will feel a slight stretch in your hands, your spine and your neck.

During the course of this exercise, a connection should develop between your upper body and your legs which creates an open space in your belly.

Once this point is reached, sit up straight and cross your legs the opposite way before repeating the exercise.


Continue with the Wood Exercise

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