March 26, 2021

Fire I Exercise

Fire I Exercise

I Heart and Small Intestine Meridian

Sit upright, put the soles of your feet together and rest your legs outwards. Grab your feet with your hands. Lean forward while breathing out. Let your head hang loosely.

Your elbows are directed slightly outwards as well as downwards (Pic.12/13)



expand your breathing as you did in the previous exercises. Direct your attention to the inner side of your thighs where the strongest tension is commonly experienced.

It helps to visualize the tension leaving your thighs. After that, expand your attention to include your entire upper body.

Continue to expand your breathing while your arms stretch further outwards and downwards and eventually rest on the ground with your forehead resting on your feet.

Now visualize your elbows and knees being included as well, meaning your elbows and knees stretch outwards while you expand your breathing.

Once I experience this connection, I complete this position sitting upright again and move on to the next exercise.


Continue with the Water Exercise

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