March 26, 2021

Earth Exercise

Earth Exercise

I Spleen and Stomach Meridian

Move your knees carefully and slowly before reaching a sitting position at the end.

You can also lean forward and tap your sacrum or pull your legs towards your body while sitting, resting on your forearms and relaxing your back.



Sit between your feet with closed knees on a suitable surface (futon mattress, yoga mat, thick carpet etc.) If this is not possible, follow the alternative exercise from the Makko Ho book by Shizuto Masunaga (+ pic 7a) This exercise is best practiced in several steps.



While breathing out, lean backwards and support your body with your forearms as well as moving your head backwards slowly resting it on the back of your head (Pic.8)


In this position, expand your breath as described by Masunaga. Release your shoulders and knees. Remain in this position for at least five breaths.



Release your head from the backward stretch and rest on the back of your head.

At the same time, rest your upper body on your back and relax your arms while placing them next to your body with your open palms facing upwards.



expand your breath and experience the tension that develops. Commonly, your thighs and knees will experience the strongest tension. Therefore, focus your attention on those areas first and let your breathing follow, releasing the tension from your thighs and knees.

Then focus your attention on your chest and shoulders. Breath and let go. Once you feel the space between your shoulder blades on the ground, you can move on to the next step.


Now stretch your arms upwards and then place them next to your body (Pic.9)

Make sure that your shoulders are not moving upwards as well.



expand your breathing while focusing your attention on the tension and stretching into the spaces that have opened.

Focus your attention mainly on your groin. Then create a gentle stretch in your arms. The movement should start from your knees, continue through your thighs and groin into the stomach and chest area and run through your arms and hands.

Once I start to experience my hands and knees while breathing, I leave the position in reverse order.

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